About the CAO : Our Roles

Arne Hoel, The World Bank

The CAO has three unique and complimentary roles, which together provide a flexible framework for handling people's complaints and addressing systemic concerns about IFC and MIGA projects.

The CAO's Three Roles

Dispute Resolution (formerly Ombudsman)

CAO Ombudsman responds to complaints by people affected by the social and environmental impacts of IFC/MIGA projects. CAO Dispute Resolution works with stakeholders to resolve grievances using a flexible problem-solving approach, and ideally improving outcomes on the ground. CAO specialists are trained in alternative dispute resolution, with expertise in conflict assessment and management, mediation, and facilitation. Learn more about our Dispute Resolution role.


CAO Compliance oversees investigations of IFC and MIGA's social and environmental performance, particularly in relation to sensitive projects to ensure compliance with relevant policies, guidelines, procedures, and systems. Learn more about our Compliance role.


CAO Advisor provides independent advice to the President of the World Bank Group and management of IFC and MIGA.  CAO advice focuses on broader social and environmental concerns, policies, procedures, strategic issues, and trends. CAO's emphasis is on improving IFC/MIGA's performance systemically. Learn more about our Advisory role.