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Former CAO Leadership

Dame Meg Taylor, CAO Vice President, 1999-2014

Dame Meg Taylor served as CAO Vice President from 1999 to 2014. She is a national of Papua New Guinea, received her LL. B from Melbourne University, Australia and her LL.M from Harvard University, USA. She practiced law in Papua New Guinea and served as a member of the Law Reform Commission. Meg was Ambassador of Papua New Guinea to the United States, Mexico and Canada in Washington, DC from 1989-94. She is co-founder of Conservation Melanesia and has served on the boards of international conservation and research organizations. In addition, she has served as a board member of a number of companies in Papua New Guinea in the natural resources, financial, and agricultural sectors, and on the boards of companies listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.  Meg was appointed to the position of Vice President, Compliance Advisor Ombudsman - the first of its kind - by President James D. Wolfensohn in 1999 following an independent selection process by civil society, industry and academia.  She led the work of CAO until July 2014, when she retired from her post.