How We Work

Arne Hoel, The World Bank

CAO's work encompasses conflict assessment and dispute resolution, compliance auditing, and advice to IFC and MIGA on systemic social and environmental issues. We work with stakeholders with a common purpose to enhance project outcomes for affected communities and foster greater public accountability of IFC and MIGA.

Ombudsman/Dispute Resolution

CAO's Dispute Resolution function works with stakeholders to help resolve grievances about the social and environmental impacts of IFC/MIGA projects. Dispute resolution processes typically involve approaches common to alternative dispute resolution (ADR), including mediation, joint fact-finding, information sharing and facilitated dialogue. Learn more


As Advisor, CAO provides guidance to the President of the World Bank Group and senior management of IFC and MIGA.  Drawn from its caseload, CAO advice focuses on strategic issues and emerging trends aimed at improving IFC/MIGA's performance in a systemic way. Learn more


CAO's Compliance function oversees investigations of IFC/MIGA's social and environmental due diligence at the project-level.  Investigations aim to enhance project outcomes and strengthen adherence to relevant standards. Learn more