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CAO Operational Guidelines

CAO Operational Guidelines 2013


CAO initiated an update of its Operational Guidelines in 2012 in response to recommendations from an independent review of CAO’s effectiveness in 2010 and a review by the World Bank Group Board's Committee on Governance and Executive Directors' Administrative Matters (COGAM) in 2011. This was the third update to the CAO Operational Guidelines since 2000.

The update involved a year-long review of CAO's procedures and practice. CAO facilitated a 90-day public consultation period (June 25 - August 24, 2012) and solicited written comments on the Operational Guidelines from IFC/MIGA staff, local and international civil society groups, and other stakeholders. CAO organized the comments it received topographically based on the major sections of the Operational Guidelines, and responded to the broader issues raised by multiple stakeholders.

Each comment is referenced in CAO's response document, which can be viewed at the links below.

CAO appreciates the participation and contributions made by IFC/MIGA staff, civil society, and other stakeholders during the review of CAO's Operational Guidelines .

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