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Arne Hoel, The World Bank

CAO conducts outreach and training with civil society organizations, mediators, and other groups to raise awareness about access to recourse, CAO's role, and how we work with project-affected communities.


CAO Convenes Civil Society Dialogue in Senegal


April 3, 2018 - CAO organized an outreach meeting via videoconference with Senegalese civil society organizations (CSOs) in Dakar on March 13, 2018. The meeting was part of CAO’s broader outreach effort in the Africa region, and followed similar dialogues in Ghana and South Africa. The event was co-organized with two leading Senegalese CSOs, Lumière Synergie pour le Développement (LSD) and Enda Lead Afrique Francophone, and had logistics support from the IFC office in Dakar.

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CAO Participates in Learning Session with Dutch Public and Commercial Banks


March 14, 2018 – CAO participated in a learning session with Dutch public and commercial banks in Amsterdam March 12-13, 2018, on due diligence, effective remedy, and multi-stakeholder initiatives. As one of the session’s guest speakers, CAO Vice President, Osvaldo L. Gratacós, facilitated a discussion on the management of environmental and social risks and Environmental and Social Management Systems (ESMS), sharing lessons from CAO’s work. CAO also met with European CSOs while in Amsterdam.

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CAO to Participate in Session Chaired by the International Council on Mining and Metals as Part of International Mineral Exploration Convention


February 28, 2018 - CAO will participate in a session chaired by the International Council on Mining and Metals, as part of the PDAC 2018 mineral exploration convention, in Toronto, Ontario on March 6, 2018. As part of the session, “Ensuring effective access to remedy to address community concerns and resources”, CAO will discuss accountability, access to remedy, and the use of dispute resolution and collaborative methods in determining appropriate remedy and conflict prevention.

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CAO to Present to American Bar Association on Dispute Resolution Work


February 13, 2018 – CAO will present to the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the American Bar Association (ABA) in Washington, D.C. on February 22, 2018, on CAO’s dispute resolution work.

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CAO in Cape Town for African Mining Indaba and Alternative Mining Indaba Events


January 31, 2018 - CAO will be in Cape Town, February 5-7, 2018, for meetings associated with the African Mining Indaba and Alternative Mining Indaba. CAO will facilitate a stakeholder dialogue co-hosted by the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM), Natural Resources Governance Institute (NRGI), IFC and World Bank on February 5th, and on February 6th will co-host a civil society outreach meeting with the African Coalition for Corporate Accountability (ACCA) at the Alternative Mining Indaba.

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CAO Holds Video Conference with Ghanaian CSOs


December 21, 2017 - CAO held a video conference with civil society organizations (CSOs) in Ghana on December 14, 2017 as part of its outreach efforts in the Africa region. Civil society representatives from a variety of organizations and sectors participated. The video conference was organized in collaboration with the West African Civil Society Institute (WACSI) and SEND Ghana, and had logistics support from the IFC office in Accra. Several of the participants based in the interior of the country connected via their laptops and smart phones.

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CAO Participates in Chinese Government Risk Management Workshop


November 30, 2017 - CAO Vice President, Osvaldo Gratacós, participated in a workshop in Beijing November 21-22 convened by the China Banking Association on good practices related to environmental and social risk management around large infrastructure projects. The workshop brought together officials from the China Banking Regulatory Commission and other Chinese financial institutions, heads of Independent Accountability Mechanisms (IAMs), and representatives from advocacy CSOs. Osvaldo also met with the President of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank while in Beijing.

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CAO Participates in 2017 'UN Forum on Business and Human Rights'


November 27, 2017 - CAO participated in the 2017 United Nations Forum on Business and Human Rights held in Geneva, Switzerland November 27 - 29. During the forum, CAO hosted a policy dialogue session on the role of effective mediation in achieving sustainable development, co-hosted a joint IAM-CSO panel on access to remedy in international development projects, and made a ‘snapshot’ presentation on CAO’s Grievance Mechanism Toolkit.

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CAO Holds Session During Annual Meetings on the Challenges of Mediation


October 19, 2017 - CAO organized a policy session on the use of mediation in addressing local community–company disputes during the October 2017 World Bank Group Annual Meetings. The session, “The Role of Effective Mediation in Achieving Sustainable Development,” was held at the Civil Society Policy Forum. It began with the screening of a short film which vividly portrays how a CAO dispute resolution process in Nicaragua helped 2,000 former sugar cane workers and their families address an epidemic of chronic kidney disease in their community. The film was followed by a discussion on the opportunities and challenges for promoting successful dispute resolution at the local level.

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Albania: CAO Facilitates Client-Community Dialogue in partnership with IFC


January 10, 2017 - In Albania, CAO facilitated a dialogue workshop between the private sector and civil society about how conflicts around development projects may be mitigated or dealt with constructively. The workshop, organized in partnership with IFC, attracted participants from Albanian NGOs, local communities, mediation professionals, and national and international companies, including IFC clients.

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Colombia: Civil Society Outreach Workshop


December 5, 2016 - In early December, CAO joined more than 50 civil society representatives from across Colombia for a one-day workshop in Bogotá. The workshop, which was co-hosted by CAO, the World Bank Inspection Panel and IDB’s Independent Consultation and Investigation Mechanism (MICI), was organized together with regional CSOs, Asociación Ambiente y Sociedad and Grupo Regional sobre Financiamiento y Infraestructura (GREFI).

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CAO Meets with Civil Society Organizations from Across Mexico

June 8, 2016 - More than 80 representatives of Mexican civil society organizations (CSOs) from 17 Mexican states met for the first time with CAO and four other independent accountability mechanisms (IAMs) on June 8 in Mexico City. CAO Vice President Osvaldo Gratacos, along with the heads of the World Bank’s Inspection Panel, the Complaints Mechanism of the European Investment Bank, MICI of the Inter-American Development Bank and OPIC’s Office of Accountability discussed their roles as compliance and/or dispute resolution mechanisms for project-impacted communities around the world. “It was a unique opportunity,” said Gratacos, “for CAO to meet with CSOs from across Mexico to explain our role as a recourse mechanism and understand the issues that they are facing.” The daylong workshop allowed the IAMs to meet with the various CSOs in small breakout groups to discuss how the IAMs could be utilized. Civil society organizations Fundar, CCC and Grupo Regional Sobre Financiamiento e Infraestructura were instrumental in planning and implementing the workshop.