Newsroom: Meet With Us

Arne Hoel, The World Bank

CAO conducts outreach and training with civil society organizations, mediators, and other groups to raise awareness about access to recourse, CAO's role, and how we work with project-affected communities.

Albania: CAO Facilitates Client-Community Dialogue in partnership with IFC


January 10, 2017 - In Albania, CAO facilitated a dialogue workshop between the private sector and civil society about how conflicts around development projects may be mitigated or dealt with constructively. The workshop, organized in partnership with IFC, attracted participants from Albanian NGOs, local communities, mediation professionals, and national and international companies, including IFC clients.

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Colombia: Civil Society Outreach Workshop


December 5, 2016 - In early December, CAO joined more than 50 civil society representatives from across Colombia for a one-day workshop in Bogotá. The workshop, which was co-hosted by CAO, the World Bank Inspection Panel and IDB’s Independent Consultation and Investigation Mechanism (MICI), was organized together with regional CSOs, Asociación Ambiente y Sociedad and Grupo Regional sobre Financiamiento y Infraestructura (GREFI).

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CAO Meets with Civil Society Organizations from Across Mexico

June 8, 2016 - More than 80 representatives of Mexican civil society organizations (CSOs) from 17 Mexican states met for the first time with CAO and four other independent accountability mechanisms (IAMs) on June 8 in Mexico City. CAO Vice President Osvaldo Gratacos, along with the heads of the World Bank’s Inspection Panel, the Complaints Mechanism of the European Investment Bank, MICI of the Inter-American Development Bank and OPIC’s Office of Accountability discussed their roles as compliance and/or dispute resolution mechanisms for project-impacted communities around the world. “It was a unique opportunity,” said Gratacos, “for CAO to meet with CSOs from across Mexico to explain our role as a recourse mechanism and understand the issues that they are facing.” The daylong workshop allowed the IAMs to meet with the various CSOs in small breakout groups to discuss how the IAMs could be utilized. Civil society organizations Fundar, CCC and Grupo Regional Sobre Financiamiento e Infraestructura were instrumental in planning and implementing the workshop.