Arne Hoel, The World Bank


Gender inclusiveness makes dispute resolution processes more robust, with more responsive outcomes and effective implementation of agreements.  This is why CAO has launched a new Guidance Note, How to Adopt a Gender-Inclusive Approach in Dispute Resolution.  


The first of its kind, this Guidance Note is a practical tool that:


  • Elaborates on the rationale of developing and implementing gender-inclusive dispute resolution processes;
  • Explores principles that can guide practitioners engaged in dispute resolution processes;
  • Identifies common challenges in adopting gender-inclusive approaches; and
  • Provides strategies and tools to address those challenges.


Developed by CAO dispute resolution staff, mediators, and gender experts, this Guidance Note is an important tool for individuals and institutions in responding meaningfully to the call for gender inclusivity.   While its focus is on supporting mediators mainstreaming gender, it is also an important resource for other stakeholders seeking to respond to international guidelines, such as UN Guiding Principle 28.


As we enter the pilot phase, CAO will review application of the Guidance Note on an ongoing basis to ensure its responsiveness and relevance, and will continue to expand the toolkit for dispute resolution practitioners.  


We welcome feedback and encourage you to send CAO your thoughts and ideas on how this exciting new tool can be used and enhanced.


Download CAO's Guidance Note here:


CAO Guidance Note: How to Adopt a Gender-Inclusive Approach to Dispute Resolution