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31 Mar 2022 South Asia Outreach

Engaging Civil Society in Pakistan

Representatives from some 50 Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) from various regions in Pakistan participated in a two-day outreach event CAO co-hosted on March 29 and 30. Pakistani civil society was...

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CAO Pakistan Outreach Photo
CAO Pakistan Outreach Photo Outreach
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24 Nov 2021 Africa Outreach

Boosting Civil Society Engagement in Central Africa

More than 20 non-governmental organizations representing six francophone countries engaged with CAO and other accountability mechanisms on November 18, 2021. Coalescing to promote access to...

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CAR Outreach
CAR Outreach Outreach
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19 Nov 2021 Latin America & the Caribbean Outreach

Fostering Accountability in the Caribbean through Civil Society Outreach

About 30 civil society participants from 10 Caribbean countries attended a regional outreach webinar to the Caribbean from November 15 to 16. Participants represented a diverse group of organizations...

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Caribbean Outreach
Caribbean Outreach Outreach
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17 Sep 2021 Middle East, Central Asia and Türkiye, Afghanistan, Pakistan Outreach

Enhancing Outreach to Civil Society Organizations in Türkiye

From Sept. 14 – 15, CAO co-organized an outreach with civil society organizations in Turkey. Some 20 Turkish Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)—including research centers, advocacy groups, and...

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Turkey Outreach Speakers
Turkey Outreach Speakers Outreach
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04 Jun 2021 East Asia & the Pacific Outreach

Engaging Civil Society and Local Organizations in Vietnam

From June 1 - 2, the CAO organized an outreach webinar with civil society organizations in Vietnam. The event was co-hosted by the Inspection Panel and the Project-affected People’s Mechanism of the...

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CSOs in Vietnam
CSOs in Vietnam Outreach
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