Through Advisory, CAO gathers insights from dispute resolution and compliance cases to catalyze learning and help enhance IFC and MIGA performance on key environmental and social issues.

Advisory CAO

CAO provides advice to IFC, MIGA and the World Bank Group Board to improve IFC and MIGA’s systemic performance on environmental and social sustainability. We draw on CAO experience in addressing complaints and good international practices to reduce the risk of harm to people and the environment. 

Our Advisory function is guided by the following:  

  • In order to preserve independence and impartiality, CAO does not advise on specific projects.

  • We offer advice on broad IFC and MIGA environmental and social policies, processes and approaches, guidance, strategic issues, trends, and systemic concerns.

  • Our work draws from experiences gained through dispute resolution and compliance work.  

  • We deliver our advisory work collaboratively with the IFC, MIGA, and other stakeholders as appropriate.

1. Initiation of Advisory Work

CAO, the World Bank Group Board or Management can request CAO advice. 

2. Developing Advisory Work

Advisory work is delivered in various formats including, written reports, interactive tools, and in-person learning. While 

3. Advisory Products

Advisory Memos, Advisory Workshops, and Advisory Notes.


A Focus on Remedy & Responsible Exit

Read about CAO's advisory work on remedy and responsible exit.

Advisory Products

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Address the concerns of individuals and communities

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Enhance social and environmental outcomes

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Foster greater public accountability of IFC and MIGA

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