Intake & Assessment

Any person who believes they may be harmed by an IFC and MIGA project can lodge a complaint to CAO. We apply three simple eligibility criteria to accept a complaint, and if eligible, conduct an assessment of the concerns with the complainant, project sponsor, and other relevant stakeholders.

Intake & Assessment

Complaint Intake

Any individual or group who believes they are, or may be, harmed by a project may lodge a complaint with CAO. Complaints may relate to environmental and social harm regarding any aspect of the planning, implementation, or impact of a project.

Policies & Guidelines

How We Determine Eligibility


IFC or MIGA Project

The complaint relates to an active IFC or MIGA project.


Environmental & Social Issues

The issues raised in the complaint pertain to CAO’s mandate to address environmental and social project impacts.


Affected Person(s)

The Complainant is, or may be, affected by the harm raised in the complaint.


Complaints may be made by those who believe they are affected, or potentially affected, by the environmental and social impacts of an IFC or MIGA project. This may include, but is not limited to, processes followed in the preparation of a project; the adequacy of measures to mitigate environmental and social impacts; arrangements for involvement of affected communities, minorities, and vulnerable groups; and the manner in which the project is implemented.

Dispute Resolution Complaint ReceivedEligibilityAssessment Compliance Ineligible (case closed)
EligibilityAssessmentComplaint Received Dispute Resolution Compliance Ineligible (case closed)
EligibilityAssessmentComplaint ReceivedIneligible (case closed) Compliance Dispute Resolution
Case Updates
Assessment Data

Cases in Assessment


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