CAO at the World Bank Group – International Monetary Fund 2024 Spring Meetings

26 Apr 2024

CAO actively participated in and hosted several engagements during the 2024 World Bank Group – International Monetary Fund Spring Meetings where we joined Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), colleagues from across the World Bank Group, community representatives and other stakeholders to talk about accountability and our work.

The World Bank Group – International Monetary Fund meetings brings together stakeholders from around the world to discuss critical development topics, including climate change, poverty reduction, international economic development and finance, and building human capital.

Through a mix of events organized by CAO and others by CSOs, we had the opportunity to gather input about our work and provide insights and updates about our cases and initiatives.

CAO organized two events during the Spring Meetings. The first event gathered more than 20 climate and environmental and social (E&S) experts from various think tanks, research groups, CSOs, academia and from across the World Bank, IFC, and MIGA, to discuss emerging practices of financial institutions related to climate risk management

Additionally, CAO hosted a CSO Roundtable, with nearly 20 colleagues from various CSOs. The discussion focused on remedy and responsible exit, updates on our efforts regarding the review of IFC’s Sustainability Framework, and information regarding the external evaluation of our approach to threats and reprisals in CAO cases.

Participation in Civil Society Policy Forum (CSPF):

CAO participated in three sessions focusing on our work on responsible exit; accountability related to IFC investments in education, including the Bridge cases; and disclosure and transparency related to environmental and social project impacts. These forums provided an ideal platform to hear concerns and recommendations from international and regional civil society organizations. Janine Ferretti, CAO’s Director General and, Sadaf Lakhani, CAO's Environmental and Social Specialist, joined colleagues from Accountability Counsel, MENAFem Movement, Philippine Movement for Climate Justice, Senik Centre Asia, PROPARGO, The Shine Campaign, Right to Education Initiative, and Equitable Cambodia, and IFC and MIGA staff during these panels.

Summary of CAO engagements during the World Bank Group - International Monetary Fund 2024 Meetings:

  • Tuesday, April 15th: “Responding to the Climate Crisis: Climate Change Risk Management by International Finance Institutions.”
  • Thursday, April 18th: CAO Civil Society Organizations Roundtable.
  • Thursday, April 18th: 'When Exits and Accountability Collide: What Happens When IFC Exits Projects Mid-Accountability Process?' – Panelists: Sadaf Lakhani, Specialist at CAO; Aaron Pedrosa, Attorney at PMCJ; Eang Vuthy, Executive Director of Equitable Cambodia; Larissa Luy, Sr. Environmental and Social Specialist at IFC.
  • Friday, April 19th: 'The Impact of IFC Investments in Education: The Accountability Gap and Lessons for Other DFIs.' - Panelists: Janine Ferretti, CAO Director-General; Anne-Sophie Rakoutz, PROPARCO, Head of Private Equity Division; Dr. Melania Chiponda, Researcher, Educator, and African Ecofeminist, The Shine Campaign; Dr. Mac Darrow, OHCHR Representative. Moderated by Delphine Dorsi, Director of the Right to Education Initiative.
  • Friday, April 19th: ‘Adequate Disclosure, Public Review, and Consultation for Environmental and Social Impacts Before WBG Financing Decisions’ - Panelists: Janine Ferretti, CAO Director-General; Jason Weiner, Executive Director & Legal Director, Bank Climate Advocates; Gregory Berry, Policy Associate, Accountability Counsel; Suzan Nada, Labor Rights Lawyer, MENAFem Movement; Aaron Pedrosa, Head of Legal Team, Philippine Movement for Climate Justice and/or Andri Prasetiyo, Senior Researcher Senik Centre Asia. Moderated by Aubrey Manahan, Campaigner for CIEL’s People, Land & Resources Program, CIEL.

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