CAO Evaluation of Dispute Resolution and Assessment Processes

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27 Jul 2023
Concentric Alliance Report

In 2022, CAO commissioned the firm Concentric Alliance to conduct a systematic and retrospective evaluation of its assessment and dispute resolution processes, following the recommendations of the External Review of IFC/MIGA's Environmental and Social Accountability, including CAO's Role and Effectiveness.

Find the report here: CAO Evaluation of Dispute Resolution and Assessment Processes

The CAO's primary role is to facilitate access to remedy for project-affected individuals. In 2020, an independent external review, commissioned by the IFC and MIGA Boards of Executive Directors, evaluated IFC/MIGA's environmental and social accountability, including CAO’s role. 

Key recommendations from this External Review were addressed in the new IFC/MIGA Independent Accountability Mechanism Policy, or “CAO Policy.” Additional recommendations from the External Review proposed that CAO conduct a retrospective evaluation of decisions to transfer complaints from assessment to dispute resolution (DR) or compliance review, and to review factors that contribute to dispute resolution processes over two years.  

In response, CAO commissioned an evaluation in 2022 by Concentric Alliance, an Africa-based conflict resolution firm that gathered both quantitative and qualitative data to provide comprehensive conclusions. 

Key findings of the evaluation, which was completed in 2023, focused on areas such as: 

  • Facilitating access to remedy,  

  • Factors that determine whether a complaint transfers to dispute resolution or compliance review 

  • The complexity of dispute resolution processes,  

  • Factors contributing to case closures without settlements, and  

  • The overall success of dispute resolution processes.

The evaluation generated a set of recommendations, addressing assessment, dispute resolution, CAO capacity, IFC/MIGA's role, and collaboration with other Independent Accountability Mechanisms (IAMs). In implementing these recommendations. CAO aims to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of its processes and strengthen CAO's ability to facilitate access to remedy for project-affected people. Through these efforts, CAO continues to uphold its commitment to accountability and positive outcomes for affected communities and IFC/MIGA clients alike. 

Learn more about the Concentric Alliance Report here.


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